Shaman complains about not being able to see his daughter without the presence of her mother: ‘I want to build a relationship’


After being accused by the daughter’s mother of wanting to silence her after a lawsuit, the rapper Xamã decided to comment on an alleged father’s absence and on the lack of financial aid to the heiress.

“Due to the latest news, I decided to talk about what was happening. Visits to my daughter were scheduled informally, which was not working. I may have dates to see her,” began

“Me and Renata [Gutierrez] we never had a relationship, unfortunately I don’t have a good relationship with her, which does not let me have access to my daughter if she is not present”, he added.

According to the singer, the intention of going to court is not to silence anyone. “I just don’t want to see my daughters exposed in the media that way, because I myself am not one to do that on my networks. I know that the payment of the pension is my obligation and, as Renata herself said, there is not and never was any pending issue .”

According to the musician, what he wants most is “to build a relationship with my daughter, regardless of the type of relationship I have with her mother”.

Last Friday (19), Renata Gutierrez made an outburst on the networks on Thursday night (18) about a controversy involving the rapper. She revealed that she had received a notification from the artist’s team with a lawsuit. According to the influencer, the document would be a way to silence her about the issues she alleges: father absence and lack of financial help in raising the girl, Hanna, who will turn two in July.

“I was notified two days ago of an action where my daughter’s father wants to silence me. He did not seek to know about his daughter nor did he respond more than once to my attempt at a peaceful agreement. But, with the ‘image’ he was concerned. Still I’m not gagged!”, began telling Renata.

She reinforced that she did not intend to make the confusion with Shaman public last week. “When we think we’ve already met the worst of someone, calm down, you can still be surprised. After my outburst here, of everything I’ve experienced in these almost two years, of having exposed myself publicly because I was exhausted” he acknowledged.

Renata also explained that she tried to resolve it peacefully with Shaman and failed. “No mother likes to expose personal issues involving her children. When that happens, it’s because it’s the only chance to guarantee their rights.”

Source: Folha

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