Georgia Meloni’s government approved today measures amounting to two billion euros, to provide emergency aid to the population of the Italian region Emilia Romagnawhich last week was affected from a severe storm surge, with a count of fifteen dead.

As stated by the Italian Prime Minister, the main measures include the payment, by the state, of the salaries of the workers who will be suspended for a period of ninety days. 580 million euros were set aside for this purpose. At the same time, until August, the payment of taxes by the residents of the region will be frozen. More than twenty million euros are also available for repairing damage to schools and another two hundred million for the natural disaster fund.

Among others, special support has been approved by the Ministries of Tourism and Sports, while the ticket price of all museums in Italy is to be increased by one euro, temporarily, with the aim of saving the works of art and the cultural heritage of Emilia Romagna.

“New assistance is planned for the disabled. All the ministers cooperated, our government did everything possible,” said Georgia Meloni. He added, that “then there will be a second phase, with new funds for the reconstruction”.

And the regional governor of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonacini, thanked the government of Rome for the immediate action and emphasized:

“There are people who lost everything businesses that were completely or partially destroyed. It will take a lot of effort to rebuild, with a main emphasis on three points: infrastructure and roads, avoiding new landslides and dealing with their consequences, as well as continuous, effective cleaning of rivers and streams.”