At least nine people were arrested yesterday and today in the Spanish enclave of Melilla, a few days before local elections on May 28, as part of an investigation into suspected electoral fraud, authorities said.

A police operation is underway (…) as part of an investigation into the case of postal votes. Several places in the city were searched and several people were arrested“, said the prefecture of this enclave that has the special status of an autonomous city and is located on the northern coast of Morocco.

The prefecture then clarified that at least six people were arrested today and three yesterday Monday.

According to Spanish media, the investigations are aimed at a system that allegedly bought postal votes. Fifty to 200 euros were offered to families facing financial difficulties in exchange for their vote.

The suspicions of the authorities were raised by the increased number of postal votes: almost 20%, i.e. much more than that of the previous elections in 2019 and well above the national average.

Spaniards are invited to vote in municipal and regional elections on May 28.