“Numerous” drone attacks took place overnight in Russia’s Belgorod region, the governor of the region, which was recently raided by militants from Ukraine, said.

“The night was not really quiet. There have been numerous drone attacks. Air defense dealt with a large part of them,” Vyacheslav Gladkov reported via the Telegram application.

He clarified that these attacks caused damage to vehicles, houses and public buildings in the area, but no victims.

In the district of Graivoron, a gas pipeline was damaged, according to Vyacheslav Gladkov. “A small fire is in progress,” he added, clarifying that the authorities have rushed to the scene and that the causes of the incident are being investigated.

Nine civilians, who were injured during the raid, are being treated, three of them in intensive care, according to Gladkov.

More than 550 civilians, who fled the Greyvoron district because of the fighting, are currently in temporary shelters, he said.

“Once the security forces finish clearing the area and give permission, I hope you will be able to return to your homes (…) Yesterday the situation was still dangerous,” Gladkov continued, addressing the citizens.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Russian military claimed that it had “crushed” with its air force and artillery the group that had attacked the previous day in the region, carrying out the most spectacular raid on Russian soil since the beginning of the conflict.

According to Russian authorities, one civilian was killed in the village of Kozinka, one of the sites attacked, and a woman succumbed to heart failure during her evacuation.

The attack was claimed by Russian armed groups, which are based in Ukraine and want to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin.