In 2022 from Russia to Finland 6,003 people immigrated, record number in the last 30 years.

As announced by Statistics Finland, 1,958 people immigrated to Finland from the Soviet Union in 1990, while after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, 5,515 people immigrated.

“In the years after the collapse of the USSR (1992-1995), 1,700-2,600 people immigrated annually from Russia to Finland” it is stated in the announcement of Statistics Finland. Until 2021 Finland received an average of no more than 3,100 immigrants from Russia per year.

“2022 saw a record number of immigrants in Finland, 49,998 people, compared to previous years, when the number varied between 29,000-36,000 thousand per year. These numbers do not include Ukrainians, who are in Finland under temporary protection and people seeking asylum. stated in the announcement.

Finland’s migration service announced last week that more than a thousand Russian citizens have applied for political asylum in Finland to avoid military service in Russia.