By Athena Papakosta

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a breath before the second round of elections in Turkey, introduces himself as… the hope for humanity by playing on the sentiment of the masses, in the light, always, of nationalism, in a new video he publishes the Turkish presidency.

In just a few minutes and while the photos and moments of the Turkish president “travel” in front of the viewers’ eyes accompanied by music, phrases such as “a leader who opens the way for his people” or “a commander-in-chief who with his army advances to many victories” are heard. or even phrases like “we know you from the beliefs because in Hagia Sophia you ended the nostalgia that lasted for 100 years”.

At the same time, his presidential opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, he is not sitting idly by. He promises better days but copies the Turkish president and allies himself with the nationalist leader of the Niki party, Umit Özdag, who calls for the immediate deportation of all refugees, having already won 2.23% of the vote in Turkey’s parliamentary elections.

“Turkey is pregnant with happy days. In a better climate we will meet again after the elections and with determination we will take the necessary steps that will bring peace to Turkey” emphasizes Kilicdaroglu with Ozdag on his side who makes it clear that “with Mr. Kilicdaroglu we reached the point of having common views and as the “Victory Party” we decided to support him in the second round of the presidential elections”.

The sudden nationalist hysteria of the anti-Tayyip Erdogan six-party opposition is giving its leader a headache. Today the Kurds are expected to clarify whether they will stay or leave his side. The reason, according to the report of Manolis Kostidis, SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, is a protocol that Meral Aksener, the powerful and far-right pole of the opposition, has signed with a Turkish nationalist.

According to this it is predicted that elected mayors who are imprisoned for links to terrorism will remain in prison with the HDP talking about rights violations and threatening to withdraw its support, putting obstacles in the already difficult battle that Kemal Kilicdaroglu is waging against Erdogan.

The Turkish president, however, continues his own attempt to rally the nationalists by playing all those cards that allowed him to be first in the photo finish on May 14, and by a margin. After Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and the crescendo of anti-Westernism, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar takes over on CNNTurk.

After talking about the “massacre of Tripoli” on the occasion of statements by Greek politicians who mentioned the Pontian Genocide, he repeats that in the Aegean “the Turkish-Greek problems are not so simple” but he wants a dialogue by calling for a meeting of delegations as, as he said, “we are in favor of International Law ” and “we will never allow our rights or the rights of our Cypriot brothers in the Aegean and the Mediterranean to be violated”.

For analysts, Erdogan’s victory on Sunday is likely given the success of his coalition in the first round of elections on May 14, however, the final decision rests with Turkish voters who are called to choose on May 28.