Russia’s most powerful mercenary, Mr Yevgeny Prigozhincelebrated his 62nd birthday today birthday of in her training camp Wagnercalling the Russian commanders of the Russian armed forces “thugs”.

Prigozhin said he would continue fighting in Ukraine if his men could get a separate section of the front without having to depend on the “goons” who command the Russian armed forces.

He also confirmed that his men will finally withdraw from Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine on June 5 after handing it over to the Russian military.

Prigozhin said his men want to stay in camps in Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine for about a month and then things will become clear. “It was a difficult year. Then we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

And romantic…

Looking at the night sky lit up by the explosions and red flashes from his mercenary fire, the leader of the organization wonders rhetorically, “Isn’t it beautiful?”