About 45 bags containing human remains were found by police at the bottom of a 40-meter ravine in the Sapopan community, a suburb of Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco state.

The grisly findings were discovered during a search to locate seven young men and women after they disappeared around ten days ago, authorities said.

“Forty-five bags of human remains, which belonged to both men and women,” were recovered, the state attorney’s office said in a news release.

Authorities have been searching for two women and five men, aged in their thirties, since May 20.

The statements and declarations of disappearance were made or submitted separately and on different dates, but the authorities realized along the way that all the missing persons worked in the same call center.

The location where the disappeared worked is not far from the area where the human remains were found.

According to the initial data of the investigation, the call center was involved in illegal activities.

However, this work case is rejected by relatives of the disappeared persons, who accuse the authorities of trying to create the impression that the victims were criminals.

In recent years, human remains have been found in bags or secret graves in various areas of the state of Jalisco.

In 2021, approximately 70 bags containing the remains of eleven people were found in Tonala, near Guadalajara.

Mexico has seen more than 340,000 murders and about 100,000 “disappearances,” most of which authorities attribute to gangs, since the so-called “war on drugs,” the authorities’ controversial operation against cartels with the deployment of the military inside the country, began of the country in December 2006.