Two environmental activists covered with red paint the glass that protects a great painting by Claude Monet and then taped their palms together at Stockholm’s National Museum, police said.

The two women, aged around 25-30, were arrested. The organization Återställ Våtmarker (“Restoration of Water Habitats”) took responsibility for their act.

The work on display at the National Museum in Stockholm is “The Painter’s Garden at Giverny”, which Monet painted in 1900.

The painting will be examined by a team of museum conservators to determine if it has been damaged. According to museum spokeswoman Hanna Totmar, the group hopes to have “more information” on the matter by tomorrow Thursday.

The organization Återställ Våtmarker released a video showing the two women smearing red paint on the glass behind which the painting is located. They chanted “The climate situation is urgent” and “Our health is at risk”. One of them is a nurse and the second a nursing student.

In an interview with AFP, the organization accused the Swedish government of not living up to its international commitments regarding environmental policy. “We should reduce emissions (exhaust gases) by 31%. But emissions continue to rise. It’s a scandal,” said Helen Walgren, the representative of this group.

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