Spyware has been found on the phones of Belgian police and judges, including the phone of Judge Michel Clees, who is in charge of the Qatargate case, the Belgian press reported today.

As French-language newspaper LeSoir reports, Belgian police and judges were told their phone showed traces of spyware.

“Following suspicions of espionage, many devices were handed over to federal police officers in the Computer Crime Unit (FCCU), who specialize in sophisticated forms of cyber crime. The phones of prosecutors, investigating judges, police officers, and even judicial system personnel have been subjected to extensive and repeated analysis.

In some cases, the analyzes indicated that the phones were infected with spyware, according to data shared with stakeholders.

Investigator Michel Clez’s device is one of the phones that tested positive,” reported RTBF television, which has cross-referenced this information with multiple sources in recent months. RTBF clarifies that it does not know the exact number of telephone terminals affected.

At this time, the federal police do not wish to comment “given the sensitivity of the file” and are referring to the federal prosecutor’s office for contact. The federal prosecutor’s office also declined to comment.