Mourning, but also anger, prevail in Italy for the death of a five-year-old boy and the injury of his mother and little sister in a traffic accident, which was caused by a well-known group of YouTubers who did a challenge with a rented Lamborghini. The challenge was to move for 50 hours at high speed on the streets of Rome.

The tragedy occurred in Casal Paloco, near the city of Ostia, a few kilometers southwest of Rome. 20-year-old Matteo Di Pietro was driving the beastly Lamborghini SUV when it collided with the family’s Smart. The four-year-old girl was discharged from the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome today, while her 28-year-old mother remains in the Sant’Eugenio hospital.

So far, only the driver is facing charges, but this may change once the events leading up to the accident are ascertained. All five occupants of the car are youtubers and belong to the group TheBorderline.

From the first information it appears that the young people broadcast the dangerous argument live on the internet, where 600,000 followers and over 150 million views of their “feats” are recorded.

The authorities seized the mobile phones to clarify the incident and assign the responsibilities.

Tragic irony

Just two hours before the crash, one of the group of YouTubers, who was riding in a Lamborghini, had posted a video on his TikTok mocking small Smart cars like the victim’s for being cheap compared to his rented sports car .

“That woman at Smart, what is she doing? Hi love, your car costs 300 euros, used, from Conad (supermarket chain). Mine costs a billion, it’s worth as much as Amazon.” he says characteristically in the video, from inside the Lamborghini.