A police officer was suspended after… fight with another police officer, which was caught on a body camera, Orlando authorities said. Alexander Shawney of the Orlando Police Department faces charges as well as an internal audit.

Shawnee was on his way to work on June 6, according to a copy of the arrest report obtained by CBS News, when a Seminole County sheriff’s officer on patrol saw Shawnee’s car speeding away.

Without activated emergency lights or sirens, the police-issued vehicle was going “at 130 km/h in an area where the limit is 73 km/h,” according to the report. The pursuing officer had to drive at over 145km/h to catch Shawney as he refused to stop.

Footage released by the sheriff’s office showed part of the chase – as well as the fight between the two officers.

In the video, among other things, Shawnee gestures to his co-worker, asking him “why do you think I’m dressed like that?” . Shawnee next he refuses to give his details and returns to his patrol car.

He faces charges of “reckless driving, resisting an officer and fleeing/eluding a law enforcement officer with lights and sirens activated,” according to the arrest report.

Department officials told CBS News that Shawney “has been relieved of his duties pending the Seminole County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation and the OPD (Orlando Police Department) Internal Affairs investigation.”