MEP Andrea Coccolino was released on parole for the Qatargate case, according to a report by Le Soir.

In particular, the Italian MEP, as the publication states, is prohibited from contacting the others allegedly related to the case and should remain in Belgium at the disposal of the authorities.

“Regarding the case file of alleged corruption in the European Parliament, opened by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and led by a Brussels investigator, on Monday June 19 around 3:00 p.m. Mr. A.K. arrived at Brussels airport from Italy. He voluntarily presented himself to the investigators of the Federal Judicial Police who were waiting for him on the spot,” the prosecution’s statement reads.

The statement noted that a hearing by the federal judicial police took place before Coccolino presented himself to the investigator. “This afternoon, charges were brought against Mr. A.K. for public corruption, organized crime and money laundering. The accused was released conditionally by the investigator,” the prosecution concludes.