London, Thanasis Gavos

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the Economist that he has dropped out of the running for the post of NATO Secretary General.

Backed by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Mr Wallace had been trying to secure support from European allies.

However, for the post of NATO Secretary General the position of the US is crucial and according to British media sources, President Biden has not been convinced to support Mr Wallace.

“It’s not going to happen. America wants Mr. Stoltenberg to stay. Maybe they want a prime minister (for the post),” the British Defense Secretary told the Economist.

The British media believe that there is indeed a chance that Jens Stoltenberg will be asked to extend once again his term at the head of NATO, where he has been for almost nine years.

Other names that have been mentioned in the British press as possible candidates are Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen.

Mr. Wallace himself comments in his interview that whoever is the final successor to Mr. Stoltenberg “will have to satisfy both Macron and Biden.”