Photos showing the Villa Rica Police Department in Atlanta, Georgia conducting target shooting classes have caused an uproar an African American. The photos were posted by the police department itself on Facebook.

After the uproar, the photos were taken down, while an internal investigation is underway at the police station. The police department apologized in a statement.

Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour

Villa Rica Police Chief Michael Mansour said however that the “targets featuring black men are used throughout the state (Georgia) for training and that during the course the department also used other targets depicting individuals who are white and Asian.”

Villa Rica

The announcement of the Villa Rica Police Department

“The Villa Rica Police Department strives to be aware of how our relationship with our community members has a direct impact on our effectiveness in the community we serve. This includes our attitude of being fair to all people regardless of their human diversity factors. The targets used in our recent firearms class depict realistic human images and were part of a package that included target images of people from various ethnic groups. It was never our intention to be insensitive, inflammatory or offensive to anyone. However, we respect the honest opinions of our fellow citizens and apologize for any offense caused. We invite everyone to attend one of our upcoming civilian firearms classes and share a positive experience with us.”