The elected mayor of Heimarras remains in custody Freddy Beleriswhile his swearing-in is scheduled for next Tuesday, which cannot take place without his presence.

According to ERT’s correspondent in Albania, there the country’s legislation provides that the deputy mayor, who will be appointed by the Council of Ministers which is controlled in the majority by the Socialist Party, will have to assume his duties, so he will be a supporter of Eddie Ramawhere will administer the municipality of Heimarra until further notice.

According to Albanian legislation, the process of investigations and interrogations continues, until the file is completed and his case goes to court, and for this reason Freddy Beleris is detained.

That which is invoked obsessively the prosecutor of the Special Court is that “there is a criminal precedent with Freddy Beleri” for this reason and they do not release him, because as they claim “when he was punished in 2003 for allegedly insulting the symbols of Albania, (when he prevented at the risk of his life – as an electoral representative in the village of Piliuri – the theft of the ballot box by parastatals, in the municipal elections of the same year), had moved away from Albania and returned when the case had expired.

This is also what the judicial authorities in Tirana are citing in order to keep the elected mayor of Heimarra in custody.