Joe Biden will receive Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson at the White House on Wednesday to discuss his country’s NATO accession process as well as support for Ukraine, the US government announced today.

The two leaders “will again emphasize that Sweden should join NATO as soon as possible” and will discuss “their joint commitment to support Ukraine” vis-a-vis Russia, said the spokeswoman for the US president, Karin Zhan- Pierre

Sweden is “invited” to the Alliance from June 2022, but its accession, which must be ratified by the 31 member states, is blocked by Turkey and Hungary.

The day after this visit, talks on Sweden’s accession to NATO will take place in Brussels in the presence of Swedish and Turkish representatives.

In Washington, Joe Biden and Ulf Christerson will also address their “increasing cooperation on security issues,” spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre added.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to “enhance transatlantic coordination regarding China,” he added.