Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Tsolaku expressed yesterday Tuesday his desire for a permanent presence of German troops in his country.

“I think there should be a permanent presence of German troops in Romania,” Tsolaku said during a joint press conference in Berlin with Chancellor Olaf Solz when asked about his expectations for strengthening NATO’s eastern flank ahead of the summit. summit of the Alliance in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Last week, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced the permanent deployment of 4,000 German troops to Lithuania, which borders Russia and Belarus.

Referring to this plan, Tsolaku said: “I hope that soon we will have a permanent presence of German soldiers on the territory of Romania.”

Romania borders Ukraine, where Tsolaku estimated that the war would not end soon.

So far, Berlin is not considering plans to deploy German troops beyond Lithuania.

As of April 2023, NATO maintained a force of 1,500 troops in Romania, most of them French.

Michael Kogalniceanu Airport, near the Black Sea port of Constanta, has been used as an air base by the US for many years.