A kindergartner was executed this week in China because killed one child and injured 24 others by poisoning their sodium nitrate porridge four years ago, state media reported today.

THE 39-year-old Wang Yun had appealed unsuccessfully against the September 2020 ruling by the Xiaozhou City Court in Henan Province.

Yesterday, the same court confirmed Wang’s identity, escorted her to her execution site, and was executed.

In March 2019, Wang procured a quantity sodium nitrate after she was involved in a conflict with another kindergarten teacher.

The next morning he added it to “porridge of the eight treasures” of the children.

“Eight Treasures Porridge” is a sweet rice-based porridge very popular in China.

In January 2020, one of the children ended up with multiple organ failure after being poisoned.

Another 24 suffered minor health problems, state media reported.

Wang’s case is one of several cases of homicide or violence in Chinese kindergartens in recent years.

A 25-year-old man is suspected of launching an attack at a kindergarten in China’s Guangdong province on Monday, killing six people and injuring one, sparking widespread concern about violence against children in schools.

China executes thousands of people each year, far more than any other country, according to estimates by the human rights NGO Amnesty International.

China, however, does not release figures on executions.