“The government is delaying and the EPO is indifferent to the betting ring – Shadows in the championship”


Kyriakos Thomaidis and Mary Beneas they spoke to News Bulletin 247 for the delays that exist at the institutional level to facilitate the work of justice in the case of the illegal betting ring. Indeed, both assessed that the danger of starting the new championship with “shadows” is now visible, since there will not be the necessary time for decisions at the criminal level.

Mr. Baltakos is dealing with his compensation which is not provided for by law and at the same time he is not dealing with so many files from Sportradar. What did he do with the Ethics Committee? He didn’t move! They put all the cases on file, no investigative process was done. The EPO is an embankment and does not create the conditions for the truth to be revealed. Mr. Baltakos covers up the cases of rigged matches. He surfs the channels and says he wants the truth to shine, but does nothing about it. The government is late, the EPO is indifferent and the prosecutor is on vacation. Sports referees should not go on holiday this year to start the leagues without shadows and teams coming in and out of the league“, said Kyriakos Thomaidis.

Mary Benea, for her part, said: “There is a memorandum of cooperation, but there is no information from Mr. Mavrotas to the Cleaning Authority. It is the only one that has such applications, it has cooperation with competent authorities of other countries and it can unearth everything. So far there has been no update, as it should be. They should have updated to freeze money and data before it was lost. There could be a great collaboration on this. There is a complaint to the Supreme Court for specific persons, so that the investigation can be carried out, accounts can be opened and black money can be blocked, so that the case can go to the courts with solid evidence and not naked, like many. It’s not about airing names, then it’s too late. If the names come out, those involved will rush to hide their illegalities. What are idiots? I see a wound in Greek football that I don’t see closing. I don’t know what the new minister, Mr. Economou, will do. I hope that those who need to will be mobilized. Unfortunately, it seems that justice will not catch up with the criminal part and the championship will begin with shadows” ».

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Source: Sport Fm

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