An 18-year-old Polish man has been arrested and charged with conspiring with armed Islamists to attack a government building, the Homeland Security Agency announced today.

The young man was arrested in southern Poland in June and had collected information and materials to build an explosive belt, the Polish Internal Security Service said.

She did not name him and there is no immediate announcement from a lawyer representing him.

“The arrested citizen of the Republic of Poland has been charged with participating in a criminal organization with the aim of committing a terrorist act. The man has been charged with planning, using explosives and committing an act threatening the life or health of many people or large property area”, the announcement states.

As reported, this person converted to Islam at the end of 2022 and was trying to look like terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

He had planned an attack in collaboration with a group of individuals claiming to represent Islamic State, according to the agency, which did not provide further information about the group’s members or the target of the planned attack.

The Service added that the young man arrested will be detained pending trial for three months.