Intense critisism to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, PASOK-KINAL exercises for his interview yesterday in the main news bulletin of SKAI.

A statement from the party’s press office states that Mr. Mitsotakis “before even seeing tangible examples of the Turkish president’s handwriting, is in a hurry to speak publicly about a window of concessions.”

PASOK notes that foreign policy issues must be treated seriously and not in communicative terms. “The conditions of good neighborliness require respect for international law and not challenges and dangerous revisionist logics”, he points out.

For the inclusion of the university police in THE GREEK POLICE and its auxiliary role he emphasizes that “it is perfectly clear the mess of the so-called staff state and the failure of the much-publicized measure”.

“Let him have no political illusions: Whenever the consent of PASOK-Movement for Change is granted, this will be based on the national interest and will not be a pardon for the Government’s cursory and piecemeal handling of serious issues, such as the vote of Greeks abroad ” PASOK emphasizes and adds: “Let’s refresh the selective memory of Mr. Mitsotakis by noting the fact that in the middle of the pre-election period, his associates leaked that he was considering the possibility of reducing or even abolishing the positions of state parliamentarians due to expatriate Hellenism.”