New mysterious death of a prominent member of the Russian elite shakes Moscow. It is about the glamorous daughter of a former ally of his Vladimir Putin, 44-year-old Natalia Bokhareva, who was found dead in her luxury apartment in Moscow, after reportedly feeling unwell.

Russian media reports that the Russian authorities gave an explanation for the cause of Bokhareva’s death “according to the first evidence”. According to Russian authorities, the 44-year-old died “due to heart problems”.

The ultra-rich Bokhareva owned shares in her father’s family timber and food business, and made no secret of her luxurious life on social media. Her father, Vasily Boharev, died seven years ago of cancer.

Natalya Bokhareva was found dead in her apartment in the Presnensky district of Moscow on July 11. The doorman called the police and reported that he was not opening the door. But when the police went to the apartment they broke down the front door, discovered her body.

The cause of death of the daughter of the former governor of Penza region Natalya Bochkareva has been announced

Two years ago, he made headlines when he fell victim to fraud. He had sent a self-proclaimed fortune teller 16 million rubles (approx. 157,000 euros) to remove a curse. When the fortuneteller collected the amount, she cut off all contact with Natalya and did not fulfill her part of their agreement.

Russia has been hit by a number oligarch deaths under suspicious circumstances – many linked to the energy sector – since tensions with the West escalated following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Some are attributed to criminal acts, some to accidents and some to suicides.

Not long before her death, Natalya Bochkareva asked the millionaire blogger for help