Recommendations Ministry of Environment and Energy to mitigate pollutant build-up

Based on her prediction EMYunfavorable weather conditions for pollution and high temperatures will prevail for this afternoon and tomorrow, favoring the accumulation of pollutants.

With this data, the Ministry of Environment and Energy recommends the following to citizens:

The reduction in the use of I.X. cars and the use of M.M.M.
Avoiding, as far as possible, the handling of liquid fuels and especially petrol, except in the cases of supplying airports and ports.
Vehicles should be refueled as soon as possible after sunset.
Avoiding, as far as possible, the operation of units and businesses that emit organic volatile hydrocarbons (dry cleaners, metallurgical plants, paint shops, etc.) as well as the use of paints, mainly in the midday and early afternoon hours.
More detailed hourly information about the observed ozone excesses and the evolution of concentrations is provided in the following links:

We sincerely ask the citizens of Attica for their positive response to our above recommendations.