Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was released today from the hospital where he was admitted yesterday with dehydration and doctors say he is in good health.

Netanyahu, 73, was taken yesterday to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hasomer, near his private residence in the coastal city of Caesarea, and remained there overnight for observation.

His motorcade was seen leaving Sheba with Israeli media citing an announcement from the prime minister’s office about the discharge.

In a video message yesterday, Netanyahu appeared smiling and said he was vacationing on the Sea of ​​Galilee and had not taken the necessary heat protection measures.

Today, Sheba hospital authorities confirmed the initial diagnosis of dehydration and added that additional tests, including a subcutaneous holter placed on him, concluded that “Netanyahu’s cardiac condition is good.”

His office also announced that the weekly cabinet meeting that normally convenes on Sunday has been postponed until tomorrow, Monday.