An 80-year-old man and a mother with her daughter will be among the passengers on her new space flight Virgin Galactic which is scheduled for August 10.

This mission, called Galactic 02, will be the second commercial flight of the American company founded by billionaire Richard Branson, after the one that took place at the end of June. If the tests are included, it will be the seventh time the spacecraft has been in space.

Kisha Shahaf, 46, and her daughter Anastasia Myers, 18, are from Antigua and Barbuda and will be the first people from the Caribbean to fly into space. Kisa won her spot after a lottery for taking part in a fundraiser for Virgin Galactic. It is not known how much he donated, although participants were allowed to give as little as $10. Branson himself gave her the good news: he personally went to her house to deliver the astronaut suit.

“When I was little, I was fascinated by space,” she explained to AFP.

The third passenger, Mr John Goodwin, participated in the 1972 Olympics. In 2014 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He will be the second person with the disease to be in space, but not the oldest, although he is in his 80s: the record is held by Star Trek’s “Captain Kirk”, William Shatner, who made a space flight in age 90 years.

Also on board will be a Virgin Galactic employee, Beth Moses, and two pilots.

The flight takes a total of 1.30′ but passengers will only spend a few minutes in space.

Fewer than 700 people have traveled in space to date. About 800 Virgin Galactic customers have bought a ticket, which initially cost $200-$250,000 and then went up to $450,000.