Hundreds of millions of people around the world “will pay the price” of Russia’s decision to terminate its participation in the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain; the UN secretary general complained today Antonio Guterres.

“I express my deep sadness at the decision of the Russian Federation to end the implementation of the Black Sea Initiative, including the withdrawal of Russian security guarantees for navigation in the northwestern Black Sea,” Guterres told reporters.

Participation in this agreement “It’s a choice. But people facing difficult situations around the world and developing countries have no choice.” he reported.

“Hundreds of millions of people are facing hunger and consumers are facing a global cost of living crisis. They will pay the price”, stated the g.c. of the UN.

Nevertheless, the Russian decision “will not hinder our efforts to facilitate unhindered access to global markets for agricultural products and fertilizers from both Ukraine and Russia,” Guterres assured.