Spain suffocation again today with “unusually high” temperatures for the season, which in places exceeded 44 degrees Celsius, however, the national meteorological service Aemet reported.

The mercury “climbed” above 44 degrees in the afternoon in many Andalusian cities, from Córdoba to Jaénon the first day of the third heatwave the country is experiencing this summer.

“The temperatures are very high, not usual, although we are already going through the hottest time of the year”Aemet commented on Twitter, estimating that in some areas the previous records may “fall”.

These “unusually high” temperatures range from 5-10 degrees above average for the mainland and the Balearic Islands. The situation is expected to worsen tomorrow, with temperatures 10-15 degrees above average for the season.


The interior ministry also warned that the fire risk remains “very high” for most of the country.