Climate change, heat wave, drought, fires… Nature’s fury manifested itself on three major fire fronts on Monday, with the greatest destruction recorded in Attica and dozens of firefighters fighting to save property and lives.

In Attica, the fire started early in the afternoon in the area of ​​Kouvara and with the strong winds, it spread very quickly, covering a distance of 12 kilometers, in just two hours. The flames quickly reached a residential area in Lagonisi, where many houses were damaged, while some were completely burnt

In the wider area of ​​Saronida, the fire forces, with the help of the police, are operating from house to house, in order to limit the damage to the properties and to remove people who were not able to leave that an evacuation order was given.

Firefighters will remain in the area, as there are scattered outbreaks, while the possibility of a rekindling is anything but negligible.

The fire covered 12 kilometers in two hours

Twelve kilometers in just two hours covered the fire that broke out shortly before one in the afternoon in the area of ​​Kouvara, as the representative of the Fire Department said, John Baker in the second emergency update on the situation on the fire fronts. At the same time, Mr. Artopoios announced that one person, a foreigner, has already been brought, as a suspect for causing the great fire in Eastern Attica. According to the first information, he is a 32-year-old man from Romania. A short time later, the Romanian was released.

The flames have burned and caused damage to an unknown number of houses and facilities, while the Civil Protection ordered the evacuation of settlements.

Houses were burned in Kallithea Loutrakiou – Battle for the front not to cross the National Highway

At least 10 houses were burned or seriously damaged in Kallithea Loutrakiou, against which the front of the fire broke out in the area. The situation remains extremely difficult, although traffic on the national highway has been opened.

As stated by the representative of the fire department, Mr. Artopioos, “great efforts are being made to limit the front of the fire and prevent it from crossing the National Highway”.

The effort of the fire department is focused on limiting the front to the border of the national highway, so that it does not pass south, where the settlements are located.

The forces in the area were reinforced with echelons from Epirus, Central Greece and the Peloponnese. According to the fire department, 135 firefighters with two groups of pedestrian units and 50 vehicles are working in the wider area, while until sunset they will be spraying water from eight airplanes and five helicopters. In fact, two of the helicopters have been made available by GEETHA and one more for their coordination.

Also, the GEETHA has allocated 40 people as pedestrian units, as well as four construction machines.

According to the fire department, residents were freed in several cases and taken to safe places, while several houses were damaged.

Messages from 112 – Five settlements were evacuated

A message from 112 was sent to the residents of the Kalamaki Isthmian and Paradisos regions to evacuate their settlements due to an ongoing forest fire. Specifically, the message states:Forest fire in the wider area. If you are in the Kalamaki Isthmia, Paradisos areas evacuate to Corinth. Follow the authorities’ instructions.”

police officers rushed to remove the residents from the settlement of Agios Charalambos earlier by going door to door.

Battle on two fronts in Dervenochoria – Forest is burning uncontrollably

In Dervenochoria there are two fronts and they seem to be burning virgin forest uncontrollably. The forces are constantly reinforced by neighboring regional units.
At 18:20 a warning message was issued by 112 to the residents of the wider area to inform them about the fire in their area. At the moment, 105 firefighters, 3 groups of pedestrians, 30 vehicles are operating there.

The great danger is that the front extends to Parnitha and moves completely out of control. At this stage, the wind momentum is opposite, but the possibility of it changing direction is there and therefore, a battle is being fought to contain the fronts as soon as possible.