Ukrainian “port infrastructure” was damaged during overnight Russian missile attack on Odessahours after the crucial agreement signed in July 2022 by Ukraine and Russia that allowed the safe export of 33 million tons of grain through the Black Sea despite the war expired, the armed forces announced.

“Six Kalibr missiles were launched from the waters of the Black Sea against Odessa,” the operational command of southern Ukraine said in a statement, assuring that they were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses but their debris “caused damage to port infrastructure and private homes.”

Twenty-one Shahed-136-type kamikaze UAVs were also shot down in the Odesa region and another four in the Mykolayiv region, further north, where industrial infrastructure was hit, according to the same source.

“A fire broke out” there, which was quickly extinguished without causing casualties, district governor Vitaly Kim assured via Telegram.

In total, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia launched raids overnight Monday into Tuesday with 36 Shahed drones and six Kalibr missiles, mostly in southern sectors of the country. 37 of the Russian UAVs were shot down, as was another, which was on a reconnaissance flight.

The new wave of attacks is “additional proof” that Russia “wants to endanger the lives of 400 million people in various countries that depend on Ukrainian food exports,” commented the head of Ukrainian presidential services, Andriy Germak, via Telegram.