Two people were killed and another wounded by Russian shelling in the village of Podoli, near the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kupyansk, its governor said today. Kharkiv province.

“The enemy hit a civilian target – a cafe where local residents were spending their day (…) According to the first information of the medical team, two people were killed in the village of Podoli due to the shelling and one more was injured,” Oleh noted Sinekhubov on Telegram.

The Pontoli it was briefly occupied by Russian forces shortly after the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022, but was recaptured by Kiev in September.

At the beginning of the month the beginnings of Kupyansk, located 7 kilometers from the front, had asked residents living near the town to evacuate as Russia has stepped up its offensive there with the aim of retaking the area. The Russian army has announced in recent days that it is advancing in this zone.

On Thursday, the bombing target became Zoosanother suburb east of Kupyansk, resulting in the death of an elderly woman.