Its candidate for president went to Alexandroupoli today SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nikos Pappasas part of his “For Victory Front” tour.

In his statement regarding the process of electing the new leadership of SYRIZA, he emphasized that “…it is not simply an internal party process. It is a process that concerns the Hellenic Republic” which should become participative and broad.

“The whole party and all the co-candidates must exhaust every possibility offered by our organization, the conventional technologies and the conventional Media, the new Media to make this process participatory and broad. The process of electing a new leadership of SYRIZA is not simply an intra-party process. It is a process that concerns the Hellenic Republic. The new president of SYRIZA is the leader of the official opposition which, according to the Constitution and the rules of the Parliament, is an agent of the state, an agent of the Hellenic Republic. We are the home of every progressive citizen. We are the party of the Left Progressive Democratic faction that runs from the Left to the progressive center. To fulfill this role we have to do everything and I wish to see this happen in the next few days so that there will be a large participation. We have made a proposal to hold a televised debate, I think it will work, unless there are explicit objections, and we should of course also intensify our campaign for the participation of the Left and progressive world in the process”, he said characteristically.

With reference to the fires affecting the Prefecture of Evros, Mr. Pappas spoke of “a disaster which shakes the citizens’ sense of security”. He characterized Evros as a critical Prefecture “that should not be a mere uncritical Prefecture, it should be the connecting link of our homeland with the entire wider region. In order to play this role, the State must strengthen it, protect it and have the appropriate infrastructure which will ensure that we will not experience disasters like the one experienced by the residents of Alexandroupoli and Evros in the past days”. He expressed his appreciation that something must change radically and it is not simply a matter of protecting the environment but a matter of public health. “The way we’re going to live if we don’t change things and start over will be far worse than what we’ve known until now. So we have to do something, and I’m sorry to say it, the government of N.D. has shown that he does not want and does not wish to do anything in this direction”.