Ukraine announced today that a second cargo ship, stranded in the port of Odesa, has left and is sailing within the temporary sea lane that Kiev has designated in the Black Sea, following the failure of the Black Sea grain deal.

“The Liberian-flagged bulk cargo ship PRIMUS, owned by an operator from Singapore, has departed from the port of Odessa and is following the temporary lane designated for commercial vessels,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Reconstruction announced.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said the Liberian-flagged ship PRIMUS began sailing within the temporary lane designated for commercial vessels, carrying steel products bound for African countries, according to a post on social media platform X .

According to the ship tracking company MarineTraffic, the ship Primus departed yesterday morning, Saturday from the port of Odessa. The ship had arrived in Odessa in February and was named Polarstar. It has since changed ownership and is now owned by a shipping company based in Singapore.

The first cargo ship to follow Ukraine’s designated temporary sea lane in the Black Sea sailed from Odessa last week, according to Kiev.