London, Thanasis Gavos

New photos allegedly depicting the ‘Loch Ness monster» were released in Britain.

The amateurish but distinct photographs of a large reptile-like creature partially floating on the surface of a Scottish lake were taken in 2018 by translator Chi Kelly.

The photographer kept them to herself for fear that publishing them would cause ridicule.

However, he was persuaded to show them to for 30 years dealing with “Nessie” Steve Felthamwho called them the best photos of the mysterious creature he had ever seen.

Ms Kelly provided the photos when she heard that last weekend the largest exploration of the lake was organized by hundreds of volunteers who responded to the call of the local center, which takes care of the protection of the wetland and the maintenance of the myth of the “monster”, which began 90 years ago.

Ms Kelly, 51, stated that on August 13, 2018, while she was at a lakeside hotel with her husband and their five-year-old daughter, she was taking pictures with her Canon camera, when 200 meters from the shore he saw a “creature” moving at a constant speed from her right to her left.

As he added, every few moments this creature was spinning and after a minute or two it disappeared. “He made this strange movement on the surface. We didn’t hear any sound. There were these strange shapes beneath the surface. I couldn’t see any colors, the water was dark,” he said.

At first she thought it was a viper, but she didn’t see the creature’s neck or back, which she says she’s convinced was some kind of reptile.

Ms Kelly added that she always thought there was “something” about Loch Ness, “something unusual”.

Mr Feltham said it was exactly the kind of photos he had always expected to see. “They are vindication for anyone who thinks there is something unexplained in Loch Ness,” he said, excited by the fact that he can’t understand and explain what the pictures depict.