Silvio Berlusconi’s five children have “reached an agreement” to accept the inheritance of the Italian politician and businessman, who died last June, according to Italian press reports.

Based on this agreement, there will be no need for a detailed list to assess the value of each movable and immovable property that makes up the property of the “Cavaliere”.

According to the latest estimates, Berlusconi’s total fortune amounts to around seven billion euros.

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As the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero writes, Berlusconi’s eldest daughter, Marina, and his eldest son, Piersilvio, in accordance with their father’s wishes, receive 60% of his entire estate.

The three youngest childrenEleonora, Barbara and Luigi -which “Mr. Tivi” had acquired from his marriage to Veronica Lario-, agreed to receive the remaining 40%.

The Rome newspaper Il Messaggero also writes that it is considered possible that Berlusconi’s five children will decide to sell the Villa Certosa, in Sardinia, for the acquisition of which, according to information, there are buyers who have offered more than 300 million euros.