An incredible adventure was experienced by 300 passengers of Delta Airlines, who were confronted with a “biological hazard” inside the plane.

The Delta Airlines Airbus A350 flight departed from the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia on Friday evening bound for Spain.

A short time later, a passenger developed uncontrollable diarrhea “throughout the plane” and the problem was so severe that the plane returned to Atlanta after the situation was classified as a “biohazard problem.”

In audio of the pilot’s conversation with the control tower posted on social media site X, the captain can be heard saying: “Biohazard issue. We have a passenger who has diarrhea all over the plane, so they want us to go back to Atlanta.”

According to John Hurdt and his wife – who were passengers on the flight – the cabin was in chaos from the routine incident while the crew had to change the aircraft’s carpeting.

Eventually the flight was cleared for an emergency landing and rushed back to Atlanta without any passengers complaining about the delay or inconvenience.