according to the latest record of the journalists of the Russian service of the BBC and the website of investigative journalism Mediazona (which has been characterized in Russia as a ‘foreign agent’) in the war in Ukraine 32,164 Russian soldiers have been killed.

The names of the 32,164 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine were identified, by the said media, in cooperation with a group of volunteers, from open sources.

Of these, at least 1,910 Russians were killed during the Ukrainian counterattack.

The list with the names of the dead soldiers, in the last registration, includes, reports the Russian service of the BBC, two times less people than are actually buried in Russia. He points out that they came to this conclusion after comparing the number of published obituaries with the number of military graves in cemeteries in 70 populated areas.

Prisoners make up the largest category of casualties, the BBC reports, noting that it has recorded the names of 6,073 condemned prisoners, the majority of whom were fighting in the ranks of the mercenary group ‘Wagner’, and that there are increasing reports of group casualties. prisoners called “Storm” recruited by the Ministry of Defence.

The conscripts are in second place in terms of the number of casualties. 3,613 military deaths have been identified.

The officer corps continues to suffer significant losses. It is known that 2,440 commanders have been killed, while the number of identified dead officers has increased by 40 people.