The pain of the losses of their people and the destruction appear to have erased the dividing line between rival groups in Libya.

Libyans from the fractured country have crossed old front lines to offer aid to flood-hit Derna this week, putting aside years of conflict between their leaders.

Inside Derna, where a torrent swept away entire districts on Sunday night after two dams collapsed in the floodsvolunteers from Misrata, Tripoli and Benghazi distributed clothes and food packages.

Thousands were killed in the disaster, while many others are missing.

“We said there would definitely be a labor shortage,” said Elias al-Khabouli, a volunteer from the western city of Zawiya and a member of the activist group Biltrees.

Biltrees chartered buses and trucks to bring more than 100 volunteers from Libya’s western regions to the far eastern city of Derna early Monday, beginning a 15-hour drive before the damage could even be assessed.

The conflict following the 2011 uprising divided the entire country after 2014 between rival governments in the east and west.