Six people were killed in a shooting at a bar in the state of Jalisco, a region in western Mexico infested by organized crime gangs, local authorities announced Saturday.

The massacre took place late Friday night in the city of Teocaltice, amid the celebration of Mexico’s independence anniversary, the state prosecutor’s office said in a press release.

Several people were murdered “inside bars in the Marawija district,” he explained.

Police said six people died yesterday.

The state of Jalisco is rocked by the violence of the New Generation cartel, which is one of Mexico’s most powerful gangs.

In Teocaltice, north of the state capital Guadalajara, two police officers were killed by gunmen on September 2.

Since the federal government declared a so-called war on drugs in 2006, deploying the military, more than 340,000 murders and some 100,000 disappearances have been recorded. In the great majority of them, these cases are connected, according to the authorities, to organized crime gangs.