London, Thanasis Gavos

A woman who worked at a Los Angeles production company, in the same building where Russell Brand she made recordings for BBC radio, revealed that in 2008 the British actor had molested her and shortly afterwards laughingly referred to the incident on his show.

This is the first of the complaints that Brad is facing he can actually be heard discussing himself in an audio clip highlighted by the BBC itself.

The 48-year-old film, television, radio and Internet British star was initially accused a few days ago, through a publication of the Times, by four women of rape, sexual harassment or emotional manipulation. Since then, more complaints have come to light.

In the newest incident, which is reported that took place on June 16, 2008 in the toilet of the recording building in the American cityBrad allegedly revealed his mole to the woman in question saying he wanted to have sex with her.

She refused and was eventually saved from this situation in which she felt “trapped” because someone from Russell Brand’s team knocked on the toilet door looking for him.

In the audio shown by the BBC Brad and then-co-host Matt Morgan can indeed be heard discussing the incident with a chuckle. The show was broadcast five days later on 21 June 2008, raising serious questions about how such an admission was allowed to be heard without consequence by the BBC.

The complainant never made a formal complaint but did inform BBC staff. One of the staff members reported the incident to BBC management in 2019, with the complainant stating that she was disappointed by the fact that no one had ever contacted her from the leadership of the British organization.