A video from Ireland of children’s gymnastics competitions is making the rounds on the internet.

After the end of their effort, all the girls who took part in the games were supposed to receive a medal as a reward, however, this was not the case for all the participants, as can be seen in the video.

According to the dailymail, the event manager who gives out the medals flaunts past a little black girl, who tries to understand what’s going on, as do her fellow athletes, who look on in wonder.

The little girl looks left and right, exhaling and waiting for the moment when the person in charge will put the medal on her, but that moment never comes.

Fortunately the unacceptable, reprehensible incident was captured on video and the reactions that followed were very strong, with a huge wave of support for the girl.

Simone Blais’ reaction

Among those who reacted to what happened, is the American Olympic champion on the instrument, Simone Blais.

Under the post of the outrageous video, she wrote: “When this video came out, her parents reached out to me. It broke my heart to see it, so I sent her a little video. There is no place for racism in any sport!!!”.