Over 130,000 SYRIZA members went to the polls for the election of the new party president until 20:00 in the afternoon.

The electoral committee decided to extend the process by one hour, until 21:00 in the evening due to the increased turnout which, since the start of voting in the morning, seemed to exceed that of the previous day.

Two hours after the end of the process, the safe result that will highlight the winner is expected.

The polls in 538 divisions opened at 8 am with the procedure being different from the one followed in the agyros as this time only the members had the right to vote, old and those who took place the previous Sunday.

It is recalled that on the previous Sunday approximately 149,000 members had voted. 106,000 were old members and 43,000 new. About 33,000 people did not turn up at the polls.

The two candidates will monitor the results of the internal party elections from their offices

The party’s presidential candidate, Efi Ahtsioglou, has already been in her political office since the afternoon, from where she will monitor the results of the elections. In her statement to the journalists upon her arrival, she said that for the time being, the anxiety over the result of the PAOK match prevails.

Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis and his parents are already in the office of Mr. Kasselakis, while he is expected to arrive as well.

The two candidates tried today to downplay the confrontation that had preceded them during the pre-election period, although as the process drew to a close, tension was not avoided.

In the afternoon Stefanos Kasselakis proceeded to denounce the electoral process with his post on Facebookas he mentioned that there are complaints that voters leave after they are not found in the member lists while they were registered in the agyro.

A bit later, came the response from party sources who spoke of an overreaction.

In particular, party sources, who attributed the problem to human error, said that there is not such a big issue as out of the 100,000 who turned up until 6 pm to vote, about 455 members were not initially on the lists with the problem however being resolved a little later. KEFE received hundreds of protest phone calls, of which it identified 455, while, as it is emphasized, there were, however, another 500 cases where they went to vote, without being members.