The mother of the colored athlete of the instrument who did not receive the medal, like the rest of her fellow athletes, as a reward for their participation, spoke to the Guardian.

Gymnastics Ireland, the sport’s national governing body, has not committed to public statements to investigate the incident, implement anti-racism policies or improve protections for athletes of colour. “For 18 months, he didn’t apologize to us,” the girl’s mother says of the incident that happened in March 2022.

“It’s unbelievable to treat a little girl like this,” her mother told the Guardian. “It’s a systemic problem,” he added.

The infuriating video

The little girl’s mother has not been named to protect the family’s privacy, as they are concerned they could be the target of racist violence.

According to the Guardian, the official in question denied any racist behavior and wanted to apologize to the family for the incident. It is noted that the girl later received her medal.

The message of the Gymnastics Academy

She stated that she has not received any apologetic message from the Gymnastics Academy of Ireland, however representatives deny this. The GI issued a statement saying it had “expressed concern” for the family. “That alone was widely reported as an institutional ‘apology’ from GI,” said the athlete’s mother.

“I’d rather they say that kids of color will feel safe on the instrument”

After the uproar that was created, even though the incident happened in March 2022, the Gymnastics Academy stated that “we recently realized that the family wanted a public apology”, while noting that it would be made public immediately.

“After this horrific incident, who wouldn’t think he should apologise? They just sent me a letter tonight. It took over a year and after millions of people were outraged by the incident. “I’d rather they say the next colored child on the bench will be safe.”