Hospital doctors in India were left speechless when a 35-year-old man recently went to the emergency room with excruciating abdominal pain and a high fever.

They x-rayed him and discovered the incredible cause of his illness: The young man had in his stomach and intestines dozens of small household items, which he had swallowed over the past few years.

The man immediately underwent a three-hour surgery during which doctors removed nearly 60 items from his stomach: jewelry, buttons, zippers, bolts, earphones, lanyards, magnets and other inedible materials.

According to doctors, the man suffers from a psychological condition where the person “compulsively swallows objects that are not food” while the patient’s relatives were unaware of the problem.

As many of these objects were sharp, they caused serious injuries to his stomach, as a result of which the 35-year-old is still hospitalized with an intubation.