Kiev announced today that it is “working” with the United States, as the US Congress, which prevented in extremis the shutdown of various public services (shutdown) of the federal state, has not yet approved a new aid package for Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian government is actively working with its American partners to ensure that the new decision on the US budget, which will be made in the next 45 days, will include new funding to help Ukraine,” said State Department spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

“This situation will not prevent the wave of aid from continuing to reach Ukraine,” he said.

International support for Ukraine is critical in the country’s fight against Russia.

The United States has helped Kiev more than anyone else, releasing some $110 billion in civilian and military aid since February 2022.

The United States averted in extremis the paralysis of the federal state, with the approval of the Senate, just three hours before the start of the “shutdown”, an emergency measure that allows the continuation of its funding.

The emergency measure approved by the US Congress allows the federal government to continue to be funded for 45 days. However, he rules out the aid to war-torn Ukraine that the White House is asking for.

House members must now consider in their session a separate bill that would deal with $24 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine that President Joe Biden wanted to see included in the budget. The vote could be held early next week, according to US media.

A group of Republicans who support former President Donald Trump are refusing to release any new aid to Kiev, arguing that the money should be used to manage the migrant crisis.