As part of the overall plan for the regeneration of the park at the Plato Academy, the Municipality of Athens proceeded to reform the playground into a historical space, where it combines play with historical knowledge for the children.

The playground is located in the “heart” of the park and is now a modern, safe and green entertainment area for children, with modern play equipment, infrastructure and new urban equipment.

“The new playground at Akadimia Platonos brings us even closer to our goal of having a modern and safe playground, 10 minutes from every home,” said the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, and added:

“However, it is also a small touch on a large “canvas” of works, which give life to the region, highlighting at the same time its unique historical and cultural wealth.”

Its total renovation is the first step of the overall plan for the wider renovation of the historical park of the Plato Academy, with the aim of highlighting its archaeological and historical importance, improving accessibility to the monuments, upgrading the entire area into a remarkable lung greenery, but also enhancing the safety of visitors. The study for the broader reformation of the park was implemented with a donation from the A.G. Foundation. Leventis, within the framework of the “Adopt your city” program, strengthening the effort of the Municipality of Athens to give more quality free space to the residents and to improve their quality of life in the city.


Its reconstruction was done with the required functional needs of modern play areas in mind, with the aim of promoting the evolutionary process of children in the social, mental, motor, creative and emotional dimension.

The play areas were organized in a circular layout, with a relaxation area in the center and a perimeter zone of movement and standing, following the contour of the playground. It has a wide range of toys, such as a two-seater toddler swing, a three-seater swing with two children’s seats and a nest-type seat, a wooden multi-functional structure with a slide and a fireman’s pole, a wheelchair carousel, a wooden bouncing surface with springs, a multi-functional composite structure with two towers and an accessible ladder, as well as a multi-position seesaw with two seats.


The playground has been equipped with equipment for children with disabilities, as well as internal and external accesses for their comfortable movement. In the area there is suitable and sufficient lighting, comfortable seats for the attendants, places of natural shade from the surrounding trees, a tap, waste baskets, but also a sign with useful information.


The playground has received a certificate of conformity from an accredited inspection body, while its general configuration and equipment provide safety for children, preventing risks and injuries. It has artificial fencing, while a molded rubber floor was used for the drop surfaces.

Most of the equipment has been made from natural materials, in order to harmonize with the intense natural element of the surrounding area and at the same time contribute to the cultivation of the environmental consciousness of the children. The artificial materials used are recyclable. Artificial materials have been used for the landing surfaces, while a stabilized earthen floor has been used for the walking zones. Both allow the natural drainage of water, while they come from materials that can also be recycled.

The reconstruction project of the playground at the Plato Academy was carried out within the framework of the program contract signed between the Municipality of Athens and the Ministry of Culture.