The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni refers again, with her post on Facebook, to migratory.

“We are facing unprecedented migration pressure, which is due to the instability of large areas of Africa and the Middle East. The Italian government is working every day to address this situation and fight mass, illegal immigration,” writes Meloni.

She adds that her government is acting “seriously, at every level, asking for the participation of other European states in the entire effort and signing agreements with African countries, in order to stop the departures of the seafarers and to dismantle the network of human traffickers, but also with rules of common sense in order to favor the deportations of those who are not entitled to be welcomed in Italy”.

Meloni emphasizes that this job is made more difficult if, in the meantime, other countries are working in the diametrically opposite direction and if even a part of Italy does everything possible to favor illegal immigration.’ “I am not only referring to ideological left and in the circuit that has interests in the field of reception,” she writes in her post.

With reference, moreover, to a decision of the Sicilian court, in which the transfer of asylum-seeking immigrants to a closed detention center is deemed illegal, as well as the new rule that provides for the payment of a guarantee of almost 5,000 euros so that these immigrants can stay outside closed structures , the head of the Italian government adds:

“I was dumbfounded when I was informed of the decision of the judge of Catania, which with an inconceivable reason (“the physical characteristics of the immigrant, which gold hunters in Tunisia consider suitable for their activity”) once again releases an illegal immigrant, to whom he had already been notified deportation decision, unilaterally labeling Tunisia as an unsafe country (this is not a matter of justice) and attacking the decisions of a democratically elected government.”

“It’s not the first time it’s happened and, unfortunately, it won’t be the last. But we will continue to do what is necessary to defend the legitimacy and the borders of the Italian state. Without fear”, Georgia Meloni underlines, finally, in her post.