Spanish authorities said today that it was almost impossible to find more bodies in the ruins of the Murcia nightclub where a fire broke out on Sunday, killing 13 people.

Only two people have yet to be identified“, but “it is almost impossible that any more bodies will be found,” Jose Bayesta, the mayor of the southeastern Spanish city, told state television.

According to him, five people were still missing as of last night, but three of them were found safe and sound today.

Police spokesman Diego Serral said earlier today that authorities should be “very cautious” and did not rule out the possibility that “unfortunately, more dead people” could be found at the nightclub.

As he pointed out, only 3 of the 13 dead have been identified so far thanks to their fingerprints. Identifying the rest will require “a more complex process” with DNA testinghe clarified.

The cause of the fire, which broke out at around six o’clock yesterday morning, is still being investigated.

The investigation is hampered by the heat, while there is a risk of the night club collapsing. For this reason the fire department has asked members of the police forensics department to wait “at least 48 hours” before entering the interior of the building.

This tragedy has shocked public opinion in Spain, with King Felipe expressing his “sadness and heartbreak” for “this tragic day in Murcia”.

The mayor of the city has declared three days of mourning.

In 1990, 43 people died in a Zaragoza nightclub in northeastern Spain.