Serbia’s troop deployment on Kosovo border is reminiscent of Russia’s behavior towards Ukraine before its invasionKosovo’s foreign minister said, urging the European Union to take action against Belgrade.

On Friday, the United States said it was monitoring an alarming build-up of Serbian troops along the border with Kosovo that is destabilizing the regionwhile NATO said it would send additional peacekeepers to Kosovo.

“There has never been this kind of troop gathering in recent years,” Kosovo Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla-Schwarz told German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in an interview on Monday. “Gathering weapons there, like tanks, gives us a bad feeling because we don’t know how the international community will respond.”

According to a Reuters report, she added that the fears are not only about the troop build-up, but also about the rhetoric of Serbia, whose the “methods” resemble Russian behavior towards Ukraine shortly before it invaded the country. “That’s why it’s all the more important to take the necessary steps,” he said.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said last week that he did not intend to order his forces across the border into Kosovo because an escalation of the conflict would damage Belgrade’s aspirations to join the EU.

Tensions continue between the two countries after police clashed with armed Serbs holed up in a monastery, turning the area into a war zone 10 days ago.