In the city of Lipetsk, criminal charges were filed against a 31-year-old man suspected of murdering a four-year-old girl (part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – murder of a minor). Russian media reported that the man may have fought in Ukraine as a member of the Wagner mercenary group.

The Investigative Committee of Russia officially announced that the previous night the “suspect in a drunken state” caused bodily harm to his daughter during a dispute with his wife. Doctors were called after the incident and pronounced the child dead.

The Investigative Committee has not released any information about the identity of the suspect.

According to channels on Telegram, Baza and Ostorozno Novosti, the name of the suspect is Vladimir V. He was recruited by the Wagner mercenary organization in April. According to the channels in the Telegram application, at the end of August this man returned home for a vacation and lived with his wife Tatiana, but on October 1 they had a quarrel, because of which Vladimir first hit his wife several times and in then he began to beat little Yekaterina, the daughter his wife had from a previous marriage. The girl later died from head injuries.

This is not the first report of crimes committed by Wagner mercenaries who were ex-prisoners.

According to rough estimates, tens of thousands of Wagner prisoners were recruited into prison colonies in Ukraine. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a minute’s silence in their memory.